The Pod Pro 5’10

5’10 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/4
Volume: 27 liters
Category: Surf / strapless kite crossover – all kiters,
Level: Intermediate to experienced surfers
Construction: Kite Pro

-100% strapless riding
-True crossover, use it with kite or as surfboard
-Turns on a dime, great fun in smaller to medium mushy surf

Designed purely for strapless riding, with or without kite, The Pod Pro is a true crossover between surfing and kiteboarding and a bit of a legend in our quiver. Light and flexible it rides like a real surfboard, yet it’s durable enough to take the beating from a kite.
Designed to excel in onshore conditions, small to overhead waves, The Pod Pro is snappy, playful and easy to ride. With a fair amount of tail kick and single to double concave bottom, this board has a loose, skaty feel and tight turning radius, yet maintains enough grip and control when pushed hard through a bottom turn. When the wind dies, just put on a leash and paddle out to catch some waves. New for 2014 is our Kite Pro epoxy construction with closed cell foam and enhanced flex properties. This new construction is practically ding-safe, so it’s no
big deal if you ding your board as the core is closedcell and won’t absorb water. You can just keep on riding and fix the board when you have  time