The Hang 9′ Pro

A modern longboard shape built with high end technology, the Tablas Hang 9’ Pro offers exceptional wave catching and great fun for the small to medium days, or when it’s too little power to ride your shortboard. Suitable for all riders, whether expert or beginner, this board is simply a must have in your board quiver. Featuring our unique Bamboo Flex and EXP Ballistic Skin technology, the Hang 9’0 is durable and will outlast traditional polyester boards by years. Turning performance is excellent thanks to the low swing weight. Can be ridden as a single fin or thruster setup. A high performance, high quality piece, the Tablas Hang 9′ Pro truly stands out from the competition.

The best longboard you will ever own. Tablas Hang 9′ Pro.

Dimensions: 9’0 x 23 x 2 7/8
Volume: 72 ltr

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