The Fuse Legend

The Fuse is designed purely to have a blast in light wind. It will drastically increase your days on the water and keep your stoke on a constant high.

Truly universal, The Fuse will do anything a smaller board does, it just requires less wind. Throw wake style moves in 8 kts wind or blast across open seas in blistering speed.

Featuring our all new V3 Concave with tip channels, this board provides unmatched smoothness and control, especially noticeable at high speeds.

The X-Spine flex technology controls twist and flex ensuring a responsive, effortless and fun ride. It helps distribute power in a unique way, improving light with performance, planing and upwind capabilities. The 3D Wood Core, CNC milled from Paulownia provides a durable, light weight and highly responsive construction. 6 inch insert spacing fits with straps or wake bindings.

143 x 43 cm